Three Generations of Weaving in Kurume

The Kuwano family creates textiles and garments that honor traditional Japanese values. Each of our products is made from scratch: dyed locally, woven, cut, sewn in our factory, and finished with our signature Kuwano mark.

About Hanten

Hanten is a classic Japanese housecoat, originally invented as an outerwear layer for workmen in the 18th century. With its padded cotton fill, Hanten offers warmth and comfort whether you choose to wear it indoors or out.


  • How are Kuwano hanten sized?

    We offer two sizes: a S/M designed for those 5’10” and shorter, and a M/L designed for those 5’10” and taller. If you’d like a longer, more robe-like coat, choose a M/L size. Both sizes have cropped sleeves, two hip pockets, and a center tie.

  • How are Kuwano hanten shipped?

    Our hanten are shipped directly from our workshop in Kurume. Please allow up to 14 days for shipment. We will forward tracking information as soon as it becomes available.

  • Are returns accepted?

    Our garments are made in very limited runs, by a very small team. Returns are not accepted, however exchanges are possible pending inventory availability.